e-Learning Courses Development

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We are currently offering 6 main types of e-learning courses:

Web e-Learning

This includes discussion forums through mails, videoconferencing, live streaming. Static pages like printed course materials can also be available.

Video Module

We offer video modules that help to enhance the overall learning experience, explain more certain concepts, and provide students with friendly visuals that can not be communicated by text.

Specialized e-Learning

This is a technology-focused e-learning platform that helps your team to upgrade their skills across design, development, security, and cloud. This one comprises high-quality and highly specialized expert-authored courses across a variety of technology topics. It gives the ability to track the team member’s progress across the learning paths.

Social Media Training

If you think of promoting your brand, gaining potential clients across the globe, then be sure you maximize the use of your social media at a higher and professional level.

We offer a wide range of practical social media training courses to enable your marketing team to gain enough knowledge and expertise to use your social media platforms in order to promote your brand and products so that your profitability also increases.


Designed for small learning units, it involves short-term-focused strategies that are designed for skills-based learning. This kind, of course, shouldn’t exceed 10minutes for a student to complete.

Mobile Learning

Once you have your modern mobile gadget connected to the internet, you can learn whenever and wherever you want.

At Bravo Creations we develop mobiles courses that can be fitted to the smallest screen of your mobile to the largest, mobile-only courses as well as responsive ones.